kintsugi (def.) 

the art of embracing damage and imperfections

Note: Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold.

Made during Global Game Jam 2020 at the Melbourne site, with the theme: "Repair":

Development blog post:


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It's a nice game, but it was really hard to see the pieces...

Such a sweet game! I really love it, but my vision is pretty bad, so it was a little hard to see and put the pieces together. 

real cool

charming little game <3

nice soundtrack and concept

Lovely little game! Inspiring and sweet. 

I think you achieved exactly what you were aiming for.

Have a good day.


what a lovely game ! my only criticism is that the pieces kinda blend in with the background and it makes them a bit hard to see, but other than that i really like it, good job !!


A really sweet little game <3


This was really nice! Love the music choice, it's beautiful.

thank you for making !

truly a wonderful experience


This seems silly but my browser was already open on a lot of tabs with games, including this one, when something happened that made me feel really badly and upset. And then this game helped me refocus and relax again. It was just the right game for the right moment, so thank you very much. Your game made a difference for me tonight.


Short but powerful


Short and sweet with beautiful music! I only wish there was more!

sweet and calming! love the music!!

why am i crying in the club right now

ahh i wanna play so bad but it wont let me :(

(1 edit)

Ohnoes, maybe try a different browser? It should work on Chrome and Firefox... Also it doesn't work on mobile devices, only PC / Mac... Lemme know if any of those options helped... Thanks 😊

Beautiful game.  Love the sound effects and the track

I loved this, it helped me calm down and recenter.