kintsugi (def.) 

the art of embracing damage and imperfections

Note: Kintsugi is the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold.

Made during Global Game Jam 2020 at the Melbourne site, with the theme: "Repair":

Development blog post:

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Made withUnity
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Development log


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Beautiful music and a great relaxing game. Great for a moment of mindfulness.

Thanks for that. I needed this today.


What an awesome way to introduce people to new things! I'd heard of kintsugi before, but to actually get to experience it (even virtually) is so cool.


I cried a bit.



Thank you for this nice cute game. I discovered a new concept today thanks to you :-)

A suggestion : it could be interesting to have a setting so we could put parts only adjacent to each other (so it would not be possible to attach a piece in the middle of the air).

Thanks again!

Very nice !


cool one, but background must be more solid color, more dark

Agreed, greater contrast would be more accessible.

It's a nice game, but it was really hard to see the pieces...

Such a sweet game! I really love it, but my vision is pretty bad, so it was a little hard to see and put the pieces together. 

real cool

charming little game <3

nice soundtrack and concept

Lovely little game! Inspiring and sweet. 

I think you achieved exactly what you were aiming for.

Have a good day.


what a lovely game ! my only criticism is that the pieces kinda blend in with the background and it makes them a bit hard to see, but other than that i really like it, good job !!


A really sweet little game <3


This was really nice! Love the music choice, it's beautiful.

thank you for making !

truly a wonderful experience


Short but powerful


Short and sweet with beautiful music! I only wish there was more!

sweet and calming! love the music!!

why am i crying in the club right now

ahh i wanna play so bad but it wont let me :(

(1 edit)

Ohnoes, maybe try a different browser? It should work on Chrome and Firefox... Also it doesn't work on mobile devices, only PC / Mac... Lemme know if any of those options helped... Thanks 😊

Beautiful game.  Love the sound effects and the track

I loved this, it helped me calm down and recenter.